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Skydive Adventures Experienced Guest Jumpers

Skydive Adventures skydiving center jump ship is a Cessna 206 and can take 5 skydivers to 10,000 feet AGL in roughly 20 minutes.

Skydive Adventures offers a cushy packing area in our hangar, video debriefing equipment, and creepers for dirt diving.

Since Skydive Adventures is a not-for-profit club, everyone who jumps here is required to be a USPA member. Along with the privilege to skydive, club membership provides you many other benefits such as attending social functions, club meetings, Halloween and year-end parties, as well as voting for club direction.

The price of club dues for licensed skydivers that are a member of an associate club is $90 for the first year & $180 after that.

Drop Zone Procedures

Hours of Operation

The start time can vary depending by what is on our tandem schedule, but you can expect us to be jumping most weekends.

Because our starting hours can vary, the best thing is to follow us on Facebook for the most current information, call (605) 274-9970 or

Guest Rate $27 per jump

Gear rental is limited and is $27

Cash is our preferred method of payment, but we do accept Credit/Debit cards.


Skydive Adventure is a group member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Be prepared to show current USPA membership, proof of your license status, and an in-date packing card when you fill out your waiver. A signed logbook or other proof currency may be required.


We use BurbleMe app and jumps are purchased from your personal account. Sufficient funds must be on your account prior to manifesting.

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