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Life is short, Go Skydiving


Andrew Hoffman

 Amazing worth every cent!!! Joe "Sketti" is a great instructor!

BethAnn Burch-Winter

 Amazing place and amazing people!

Joseph Allen

 This is a really cool crew that will teach you how to skydive. Not only that but each staff works well as a team. This was my first tandem jump and it was definitely a life-changing experience. I can't wait to go again.

Virginia Galles

 The people are so nice and funny. It was awesome!!

Jaina Heiden

For my 50th birthday, I did my first tandem jump with Skydive Adventures. First of all, after booking, I had a question and whenever I called, emailed or texted, I got all my questions answered in a timely manner. Second, the day of my jump I arrived and the atmosphere was fun and energetic. Third, the instructors are amazing. Fourth, they went above and beyond to make my 50th birthday jump extra memorable. What a fun place to be.

Gary C.

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for a while, for many reasons. I've bungee jumped, parasailed and many other things. The Skydive Adventures crew are people that love what they do, are professional and also personal with you; especially on your first jump. I want to single-out my instructor/tandem jumper, Sketti (I still prefer linguini in clam sauce, but spaghetti is pretty awesome in this case). He was everything I would ask for from start to finish. I felt great with him the whole way. Not gonna lie, when you are in a small plane and are gonna jump out a side door together on your first jump at 10,000 ft there are some emotions. Sketti let me process the experience but kept me in conversation so I didn't think too much. It was also cool to see the other 2 advanced skydivers on the plane engaging in conversation about how they were going to interact with each other when they jumped. As for the jump? Climbing out the door (with another person) was just as unsettling as when I bungee jumped. After you take the first going back to enjoy it. As they say in some of the promotions, it doesn't feel like you're falling after leaving the plane. When you pop the chute at 5,000 feet it felt like my parasailing experiences. So I basically got the culmination of 2 great previous experiences, with a lot more free-falling in between. Would I do it again? Maybe... has nothing to do with Skydive Adventures (I'm 51 and not as limber as my 20's). If I do, I would do another tandem jump or 2 with Sketti and refine what I could do better before static jumps. There is a lot to process on a jump. I could have done a better exit from the plane. I pulled the chute at the correct altitude but chose to let the instructor do the correct descent/flare/and land. I would want to get the whole process down...I'm a perfectionist, so that is how my brain functions. I would summarize it as probably one of the scariest, life-affirming and best experience of my life. Whether I jump again, the experience is mine and not many people can own. Thanks again Sketti, you were awesome! Much respect, Gary

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