Skydive Exhibition

An exhibition or demonstration parachute jump is a skydive performed primarily for the enjoyment of spectators at a site other than an established drop zone. You have probably seen many at local air shows, football games, and other aviation events. But did you know that this sort of talent is right at your doorstep?

The SKYDIVE ADVENTURES Demo Team has jumped for football games, baseball games, water ski shows, air shows, car shows, rodeos, races, county fairs, amusement parks, picnics, parades, grand openings, reunions, festivals, centennials, celebrations, church services, magazine ads, and private parties.

A properly staged exhibition jump can be a dramatic form of promotion for any special event or product. These jumps are performed routinely every year from professional sporting events, corporate social occasions, political and charitable fund-raising events, and at many other public affairs.

Why have a Demo Jump?

To make your promotional event stand out and be remembered long after the excitement of the moment has faded, consider hiring one or more professional skydivers. Imagine professional skydivers descending thousands of feet through the air with trails of smoke, carrying the banner advertising your product. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's a cost-effective way to capture the attention of everyone in the audience. Your audience may have seen skydiving in a movie or as a half-time performance at the Super Bowl, but nothing compares with the excitement of being there. Skydiving is an attention getter and a crowd pleaser that makes money for your event and promotes your product. An added feature is that the publicity doesn't stop once the event is over, because skydiving is unusual, often it earns local newspaper and television coverage. Publicity from professional skydivers is more effective than traditional advertising.

Who should perform the jump?

The FAA recognizes the PRO rating, issued by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), as proof that the jumper is a qualified, professional skydiver, highly proficient and accurate in canopy control. PRO-rated skydivers are required to have at least 500 parachute jumps using a ram-air parachute, also called a square canopy, and have completed stand-up landings within five meters of a specified target on ten consecutive jumps. Since demonstration jumps require extensive official paperwork prior to the jump, professional exhibition jumpers register each event with the FAA weeks in advance.

How do I plan the jump?

First, contact Jeff at 605-929-8295 or by email. He will help you with all the necessary arrangements including:

  • Coordinating with the Federal Aviation Administration (and other state and local authorities) to insure that the planned parachuting demonstration is legally approved.

  • Obtaining insurance coverage for the jump to protect the jumpers, spectators, and sponsors.

  • Preparing the landing area and coordinating ground control.

  • Providing skydivers with only the highest qualifications to perform the demonstration jump.

Our experts will complete all of the necessary paperwork.

How much will it cost?

Prices for skydiving demonstrations will vary greatly depending on how close the landing area is to where the aircraft is stationed, the type of insurance package you select, the number of skydivers who will be jumping, and the type of jump you request. Discuss cost in advance. Professional skydivers will explain all the elements of your "Demo Package" so you will know exactly what you are purchasing. If you are an organization with a limited budget, we can help with ideas for funding, such as admission fees, raffles, or sponsorships.

Is this the exposure I need?

More than one billion people worldwide shared a never-to-be forgotten television experience during the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea as they watched a group of expert skydivers build Olympic rings in a freefall above the stadium. Although your event will not draw the same size crowds, it can generate enthusiasm and delight in the audience and make your celebration a world class happening.

What if someone gets hurt?

Before each jump,
SKYDIVE ADVENTURES encourages the sponsor to purchase insurance from USPA's insurance underwriters. The insurance package protects both the skydiver and the sponsors from liability for damages or injuries to spectators. Coverage ranges from $250,000 upwards; you may be included as an "additional insured" on any policy at no extra charge.

USPA encourages demonstration jump insurance for all jumps to provide protection in the unlikely event that something will go wrong. Remember that very few skydiving accidents occur each year, the majority of accidents involve inexperienced parachutists rather than the professional skydivers who will be jumping for your organization.

What role does USPA play in exhibition jumps?

The United States Parachute Association (USPA), a not-for-profit membership association located in Alexandria, Virginia, is the official voice of 33,000 skydivers. As part of its mission is to promote the safe enjoyment of the sport of skydiving in the United States, USPA establishes the basic safety requirements and issues credential such as the PRO Rating help by demo jumpers. USPA provides third-party liability insurance as a membership benefit and offers PRO Rating holders the opportunity to purchase insurance protection for exhibition jumps. In addition, USPA certifies skydiving instructors and instructional programs, sanctions the U.S. national skydiving competitions, documents record attempts, and represents skydivers before all levels of government. Founded in 1946, USPA is an affiliate of the National Aeronautic Association and the official skydiving representative for the Federal Aeronautique Internatioale (FAI) in the United States.