Getting Started

Get ready for one of America's fastest growing sports. Skydiving is a thrilling and exciting sport and we at SKYDIVE ADVENTURES want your first parachute jump to be a safe and pleasurable experience. Our organization takes great care in training students and as a result we have compiled an excellent safety record.

First Jump

For your first jump you have two options, You can either participate in a TANDEM JUMP, or you can attend our static line class, followed by your first STATIC LINE JUMP.

Static Line Class 
The class will last approximately eight hours, combining lecture and practical instruction. You will make your first jump on the same day; weather permitting, from one of our Cessna planes. Your first jump will be a static line (the parachute is opened automatically) from an altitude of 3,500 feet. Upon completion of your jump, you will receive a first-jump certificate suitable for framing.

Additional information is available on our static line classes, prices and how to sign-up for the thrill of a lifetime. All jumps include a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee. 

Tandem Jump
Tandem skydiving is the quickest and easiest way to get a taste of freefall. Ground school lasts for less than an hour, then you and the tandem instructor board our jump plane and climb to altitude of almost two miles. The tandem instructor then hooks up your harness to his, and you both exit the aircraft and experience about thirty second freefall. At approximately 5,000 feet the tandem master deploys the large parachute built for two, and you both enjoy a 5-7 minute canopy ride back to the landing zone. Photos and video of your momentous achievement are also available. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing but no hoodies please.

You can check our tandem jump prices, see pictures and video of other tandem jumpers and sign up for your own tandem jump. All jumps include a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee.